Jacob McCoy video. Portfolio website of Jacob McCoy, demonstrating audio video capabilities in short-form documentary and music filmmaking, in addition to other experiments. In this corner of the internet you can moderately in depth descriptions of projects that may have been featured at  (an Instagram account owned and operated exclusively by jm), (a Vimeo account owned and operated exclusively by jm), (a Youtube account owned and operated exclusively by jm), or any number of other places around the internet.

jm is an individual, a resident of the United States, and a builder of experiences. For purposes of demonstrating prowess in certain areas, some of those experiences are chronicled here on this site. They include short documentary films, music videos, experimental audio projects, experimental video projects, items built from reclaimed materials, items built from purchased materials, dreams, aspirations, live experiences conjured up in the time of covid-19 to bring humans together in front of a screen – connecting with one another from great distances.

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Consider some other things that you may find exciting: Expert use of Adobe Creative Cloud products, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects; wild encounters with the incredible VDMX software, used to create wild live experiences, and other interactive visual content; cameras, mirrorless mostly, utilized to capture multiple angles, from multiple focal lengths, sometimes broadcast live over the internet; Audio, designed to be non-objective, but at the same time to resonate a deep emotional character; The signal flow considerations behind such wild audio designs, a work of art in and of itself. Consider one human, running dozens of little machines simultaneously, all in beautiful union with one another, for the purpose of creating something more profound than the whole of their tiny little capacitors and diodes and stuff.